Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions/Inquiries

Locker door will not close.

If you cannot close the door, please use another locker.

Refunds will be provided in the event of accidental use or billing.
Please contact our call center (0120-130-180) for further information.

Locker: The lock does not open when operated near the locker.

If the locker number is not displayed when you approach the locker, try the following

1. Check if bluetooth is turned on
2. Confirm that the phone is connected to the Internet
3. Check to see if the locker is not available past the available time.
4. reload
5. Restart the application

If you still cannot detect the problem in any of the above cases, please contact our call center (0120-130-180) for more information.
After confirming the identity of the applicant, the unlocking procedure is performed.

How much do you charge for a reservation?

A reservation fee of 100 yen and a usage fee will be charged from the time the reservation is made.
Please note that the time before baggage drop-off is also included in the usage time.

Example: If you reserve a locker for 600 yen every 3 hours 3 hours in advance and leave your luggage for 3 hours
Reservation fee 100 yen + 6 hours fee 1200 yen Total 1300 yen
*All fees are to be paid later.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Reservations can be cancelled from My Locker in the SPACER application by following the steps below.

Tap [Cancel Reservation].
Tap [Go to Payment].
Tap [Pay].
4. Reservation cancellation completed

Reservation fees and the time portion of the reservation are non-refundable.
Please note that if you do not start using the service after 48 hours, it will be automatically cancelled.

How do I share a key?

You can share your key from My Locker in the SPACER application by following the steps below.

Tap [Share Key].
Tap [Copy URL
3. Share URL via email/SMS/Messenger/Line, etc.

: Is there only one person who shares the key?

No. The key can be shared by any number of people. You can share the key with any number of people. You can share a key with multiple people, and the first person to arrive at the locker can unlock it. (Also, the last person to open and close the locker will be logged, so you don't have to worry.

How do I use a shared key?

Shared keys can be used by following the steps below.

Download and register the SPACER application
2. Tap the URL sent to you.
Tap [Confirm
4. Tap [Close] now that the key has been shared.
5. Tap [Open Locker] *If payment is required, tap [Pay and Open Locker].
6. Locker is being detected, wait until the screen transitions to the next screen.
7. [Slide to open] to unlock the locker
8. Open the door and take out the luggage.

What payment methods are available?

This is a completely cashless payment system and cash is not accepted.

How do I unsubscribe from the SPACER application?

You can cancel your membership from the menu in the SPACER application by following the steps below.

Tap [Withdrawal Procedure
2. Check [I have read the precautions
Tap [Resign membership
4. Completion of withdrawal procedure

*When you cancel your membership, all customer information, including locker usage history and payment information, will be destroyed. Please note that it cannot be restored.